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Auto Accidents

A Chiropractor Can Provide Pain Relief Through Auto Accident Injury Treatment 

An auto accident puts your body through the forces of sudden deceleration and causes soft tissue injuries such as whiplash or neck pain. The pain can become chronic due to the structures of the neck being out of alignment. At Morris Rashtian Chiropractic Corp, our chiropractor in Beverly Hills can help you with the pain that comes from soft tissue damage after an accident and put your spine back into its proper place.


How a Car Accident Causes Whiplash

Modern safety restraints such as improved seat belts and airbags help minimize, but cannot eliminate, the effects of deceleration on the body during an accident. When an accident happens, the impact throws your car out of the direction it was traveling and stops its motion almost instantly. Regardless if you are struck head-on, sideways, or from behind, your body experiences the forces generated by a fast and sudden change in direction and speed. Your head, neck and body are likely to be pushed into the direction you were struck and cause your ligaments, muscles, and tendons to get stretched beyond their usual range. 

The stretching of your soft tissues past their usual limits results in soft tissue damage and misalignment of the vertebrae in your neck, mid and lower back. This pain can become chronic if you do not seek out auto accident injury treatment to restore your normal alignment.

Seeing a Chiropractor for Auto Accident Injury Treatments

Your soft tissue injuries will heal over time and you will find that most of your ability to move your neck returns. However, with whiplash, your neck vertebrae are more likely than not to be out of alignment and cause you pain when you move your head and neck in specific directions. The newly healed soft tissues add to the problem by putting torque on the vertebrae and preventing them from going back to their original position. 

Chiropractic treatment for whiplash deals with the alignment issues caused by the accident. The type of treatment you undergo will depend on the extent of the problems with your spine. Sometimes the problem is isolated in the upper back and cervical vertebrae and treatment are focused on those areas. Sometimes the problem can go further down your spine due to the forces generated in the accident and create an issue known as referred pain higher up the back and neck. Auto accident injury treatment seeks to resolve these issues and help you become free from pain. 

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